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Samsung 32EH4000 is Great TV Here I was stranded with a Sony piece of junk. For that, I shelled out big bucks a couple years ago sold over by the internal Blu-Ray player and Wi-Fi connectivity only to have it finally die on me last week. All those fancy-smancy Sony adds and paying pretty much top dollar for a 32", and I figured I'd at least get 5 years out of it. Nope. Blu Ray dies ~5 months ago. OK, I can live with that. Just buy an external one. This week, the channel and sound are not able to be changed unless I rebooted (i.e., unplugged and plugged) the TV. So I decide to give Samsung a try knowing how much I've always thought their computer monitors always struck me as better than others. After all, I'm just looking for a good image. I can live without all the other bells & whistles. Boy, if this thing can stand the test of time I won't go back. The picture quality is fantastic. It's got a Dynamic, Movie, and Standard Mode. The modes actually seem to work for what they imply (unlike my Sony piece of junk). The sound is very good too. It's got Standard, Movie, Clear Voice, and Music. Those too actually work like the names imply (unlike my Sony piece of junk). The features are enough to live with. You can stick a USB in it and watch pics and movies. There's no built in wi-fi, but who needs it with most Blu-Ray players? With Blu-Ray players providing the connectivity and online features (e.g., Netflix, Amazon Video, etc.), I figured why bother spending the extra for the same stuff. The 720p clarity is perfect on a TV this size. I see no difference between it and 1080p, but that's just me. The price was right for an LED. So overall, I'm very satisfied and recommend this TV, unlike my Sony piece of junk.. Click here to read more


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